Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beginning Fitness Stats

So there it is, the moment you all have been waiting for, and the one I've been dreading to post: my beginning fitness statistics and photos. Just to clarify the stat sheet, the measurements taken are on the left, and the results are on the right. For me, the more important results I'm looking at are the Body Comp (composition) stats. Of course I want all my stats and measurements to get better, but that will all come when I'm working hard to get the body comp numbers I want. So as you can see, my numbers are in the "average" or "okay" range, but you might say my photos speak a little differently (btw, I can't believe I'm still rocking my farmers tan from summer). I do have good structure and genetics though, so hopefully with a little dedication on my part, I will get the results I'm striving for.

PS - Thanks to Shawn Register at 5 Star Fitness in San Rafael for not only taking physical attributes, but for being totally supportive and helpful and inspirational to my goals.

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