Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Page Update

Sorry, I didn't realize that I had commenting disabled for everyone but members. I fixed it, so now anyone can comment, and anonymously if you feel like (though I encourage you to at least put in your name).


  1. Ryan,
    What you're doing is awesome. And you've publicly held yourself accountable so you can't get out of it now without us noticing ;-)

    I'm in the same situation where I want to lose all my excess fat (and the additional that I gained over the holidays :-P ).... about 8%.

    My guy is a lifestyle fitness coach and he has been kicking my ass. I've been learning a lot about nutrition, muscle and the metabolism. We should compare notes.

    Miss you! I would like to actually take you up on that dinner sometime, even though I didn't pick a date :-P

  2. Congrats man, I'm happy that you've started. Looks like you're on your way. I've got some really good recipes for meals that I've found since I started working out as well. I'll call or i'll just email them to you man. take care