Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I was hoping to really start on my project this coming week. But before I got started I wanted to post my current physical stats (including body fat percentage) and my goals, as well as plan out my first week's meal plan. This weekend though is the last weekend at my current place of residence so a lot of my time will be spent packing and moving. I'm really anxious to start this diet though and if I can balance moving with planning, then I'll do it. I weighed myself yesterday and simply put, no bueno. So I'm really looking forward to when I can start.

Planning will be difficult I think, because of where I'm moving to. I'm moving back in with my parents for the time being, and they live an hour away. This is 2 hours lost that I could be cooking or sleeping. And considering I'm in crunch mode at work, planning and preparing meals when I would have little time to cook and I can't make a quick drive home to fix something up will be really crucial. Ugh, right of the bat it's looking to be difficult. But this is part of the challenge isn't it? Life will throw stuff your way that make the simple things seem like daunting tasks. So being successful will depend on balancing my diet and workout plans with these things. I'm only hurting myself if I let these things become a source of excuse for why I'm not following through with my project. Just got to deal with obstacles head on.

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