Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Workout Plan

The Abs Diet isn’t only a great resource nutritionally, but physically also. It was designed to burn fat fast, and in the mid section. So in it is also a great workout plan to help supercharge your ability to burn fat, and this will be my guide as I start to work out. But in this case, it will NOT be my bible. There are so many great resources and ways to work out that I will be drawing from all over to help bully away my beer belly. I plan to do everything from playing sports, hiking, circuit training, cross training, weight lifting, cardio, to even maybe training for a marathon. But as I start my exercise plan, I will be following the Abs Diet guidelines as a jump off point, and then sort of improvise from there. So here are those guidelines:
  1. For the first two weeks, you don't need to exercise - instead, just acclimate yourself to the diet and focus on eating right. If you're already physically active, then it's only a plus
  2. Do Ab exercises twice a week - focusing on the 5 muscles groups that make up your core
  3. Workout 3 times a week - doing full body circuit training to target your major muscle groups and keeps your heart rate, all while keeping your workout time to about 30 mins

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