Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Start of Something New

Welp, it’s a new year. And with the New Year, comes the New Year’s Resolution. We all make them and usually fail miserably come spring time. I don’t even know how this tradition came to existence but it has been the greatest source of motivation AND insecurity every 365th day… at least for me. But of all the resolutions that are declared at the beginning of a fresh year, none is more common than the “lose weight” resolution. I make this one just about every year, and I probably gain a few pounds every time I say it. It shouldn’t bother me just on the fact that I’m only 1 of probably millions that are in the same boat as me (damn that must be a big boat), but darn it, I’m tired of this flabby donut of flesh resting on my hips. So this year, I’m making the resolution to lose my beer belly! “Psh, yeah right Ryan, what’s so different this year?” you must be asking yourself. Well, touché my friend. You’re absolutely right. Like I’ve said, I’ve made this resolution before and have not gotten or sustained the results to call this resolution a success. But I have a plan this year that I hope will help me overcome this lardy hump: this blog!

I think the key to most successes, especially for resolutions is to: A) Set a specific goal, and B) be prepared/have a plan. This blog is my attempt to plan out my success as I strive for a specific goal. It’s easy to say “I want to lose weight this year”, but how much weight? But even more specific (because weight can be a deceiving gauge of weight loss success), what body fat percentage do you want? What body type are you aiming for? How much more weight do you want to put up? When do you want to reach this goal? And so on and so on. So in this blog, not only will I be posting my goals (which may change throughout the weeks), but I will also keep track of my progress with self photos and numbers (can’t believe I’m putting myself out there like that), plan out my meals for the week, post my workout plan for the week, and generally talk about what’s working, what isn’t, where I’m having difficulties, etc. Sound easy enough right? I guess we’ll see won’t we.


  1. Where's the first pic? C'mon, don't by shy.

  2. you can do it Chan!! but really, where is that first pic?? haha, I'll be following man..