Friday, January 15, 2010

Postponing until 1/25

So as anxious and ready as I am to get started full fledged into my program, I've decided to wait out this coming week and start the following week. I'm a little bummed about it too. But like i mentioned in my previous post, this is a tough week to start. And despite my own efforts to convince everyone (and myself) to just jump into the cold pool without testing the waters first, it just seems better to give myself a tad extra time to take care of other things first before making a complete commitment to this project. I don't want to start half-assed ya know? Thinking now, it might be better to, in a way, "ease" into a life and habit changing program.

The other reason I wanted to start the following week (and this is probably a bigger reason for me), is that I wanted to get a true gauge of my fitness level before starting. At the start of this blog, I was planning to just take my weight, BMI, waist to hip ratio, and body fat percentage, and update these numbers bi-weekly to show my progress (quadri-weekly for the body fat percentage). So in my search of finding a place that could take my body-fat percentage, I found a gym that'll take a full fitness exam that'll measure the girth of body parts (insert giggles here), flexibility, cardio, etc., among the stats I mentioned before. I was convinced. However, I can't schedule an exam until next week, so that pushed my start date till the following week. During the duration of the program, I will still do bi-weekly progress reports of the simple stats I can acquire myself, monthly updates that'll include body fat percentage and photos, and then do the full fitness exam at the end of 3 months (or every 3 months). So check back in next week where I will post my fitness exam results and my goals and hopes for the program. For those who have been eagerly waiting, my photos will be posted then... and yes, I will be shirtless.

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